• Within the last twelve months, 9.3 million Americans were victims of identity theft

• Most thieves still obtain personal information through traditional rather than electronic channels. In the cases where the method was known, 68.2% of information was obtained off-line versus only 11.6% obtained online.

• Nearly 85% of all victims find out about their identity theft case in a negative manner. Only 15% of victims find out due to a proactive action taken by a business.

• Last year’s identity theft losses to businesses and financial institutions totaled 47.6 billion dollars and consumer victims reported 5 billion in out-of-pocket expenses.

• In those cases, the loss to businesses and financial institutions was 10,200 dollars per victim totaling 32.9 billion dollars. Individual victims lost an average of 1,180 dollars for a total of 3.8 billion dollars.

• Where the thieves solely used a victim’s established accounts, the loss to business was 2,100 dollars per victim totaling 14 billion dollars. For all forms of identity theft, the loss to business was 4,800 dollars and the loss to consumers was 500 dollars, on average.

• Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States.

• The average arrest rate (according to law enforcement) is under 5% of all reported cases by victims.

Dumpster Diving

This method is surprisingly successful and very popular. It requires no technical skill and is one of the most guaranteed ways to gather one’s personal information. Dumpster diving is when one goes through the trash of an individual or business and looks for receipts, banking reports or any other document that could contain personal information needed to steal one’s identity.


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