Small and Medium Businesses Solutions:

Just because you have a small business, or a home office, doesn’t mean you should not be serious about security. We all have the same responsibilities of looking after confidential information as every other business, regardless of size.

Why take time away from what you do best? Let iShred provide you a customized solution for your document and information destruction needs.

We work for you and your needs. Need consoles and containers in multiple locations? No problem. Need just one console? Sure. It’s what we do…

Our service is simple, yet secure and comprehensive. You call. We remove and securely shred everything. We recycle 100 percent of what we shred. You receive a Certificate of Destruction. Problem solved…

Your service is conducted when you want, where you want and how you want, with minimal disruption.

And our high level of security doesn’t stop there. Each and every iShred Professional is subject to routine security and background checks. All employees are bonded and insured. We guarantee it.

Or, choose our One-time paper shredding option. If you have a large amount of materials to destroy, we come to you and do your paper shredding on site.

Benefits of an iShred rotation solution include:

  • Comply with legislation
  • Safeguard your confidential information
  • Prevent identity theft
  • Save costs and save space